Getting Into The Habit of Blogging

So it is day two! Or three, right this is why I made this post.

So i’m trying to get into the swing of things here, I had my first viewer the same day as my first blog! I was so grateful and surprised, this community is very surprising and awesome to me. And I’ve been trying to delve into the community aswell (barely) , and I checked out another blogger (I’ll link her at the end if I remember)this kind of ties into one of my points but we’ll get back to it later.

I think I’m writing this to myself to kind of see where my headspace is at as I continue this journey.

I really loved writing my last blog, and since I’ve been doing, to do list GALORE, daily, (sort of obsessively) i’ve been able to fit in things like this blog. And I wanted to share how anyone else could too! AND I thought I’d impart some wisdom for the HUNDREDS of tip videos to start youtube channels i’ve watched, to really have no gain without an outlet.

How to start blogging (From an absolute beginners perspective)

1. Just do it!

Get a Shia Lebouf chrome add on if it helps you get your ish done.

I think the most important thing to remember when starting a blog is to literally. Just. Do. There is no right or wrong way to do anything in this world and it’s important that you just sort of plop yourself right in the middle of everything, where you can experiment and let your freak fly!

2. Get your shit together.

It’s important in anything you do to stay on top of your responsibilities, and be in the know of everything you are doing (Without of course overwhelming yourself, its ok, we’ve all been there.) and a pretty clear generalization of what you think you’ll be doing. I recommend:

No sponsor, because of course how it’s my third blog ever, and because, yeah! I really love this app (If they’d like to sponsor me let me know I’m sure i’ll be posting more about them) The app/website prioritizes what you need to be doing, and if you’re overwhelmed (because you’re too good of a list maker like me) you can always just take it day by day, which I LOVE! As a connoisseur list maker I give it a 10/10. Mainly because I’m a bit neurotic and you can add super fast and erase as you please!

Just make sure you don’t do too much too fast but know that there’s a plan and a place for the stuff you love to do (and maybe stuff you don’t love so much) so that you won’t be focusing on other tasks while your doing one. I learned this from a Learning to Learn course on Coursera, wouldn’t recommend it, but super informative! (I’m sure i’ll be referencing that course later on)

3. Know why you’re doing it. (But not too much)

You want to know in which general area you’ll be taking your content but, in general. Do not over think this. It’ll get too stuffy, too rigid, and you’ll be out of content and drive in like a week! (I’m assuming from youtube here, not name any name, *cough* me *cough*) Just make sure you generalize the path your taking and don’t be afraid to deviate from it! Maybe you start out as a food blog, but realize all you talk about is the main reason you eat right, to go to the gym and meet hot guys. Which is fine! Go live your dreams man! As long as you’re happy writing, don’t worry about anything else that’s apart of your blog, it’ll fall into place soon enough.

4. Have Trust in the Process.

There are so many tricks and new things i’m discovering every day on this website, and fixing things from the day before (some are pretty major like my profile photo but that’s besides the point) Have trust in yourself that you’ll keep improving, it’s ok if your blog (like mine right now) looks like an elementary set it up. It’s not always about the look and the tag line, if your contents thought out, and makes you want to read it, then your set!

5. Hate aint Cake

Make sure your comments are on. I mean this. You need to get tuff, if you haven’t already, and I’m not saying blogging is a negative place at all! But this is the internet where civil courtesy simply is thrown to the wall! And that’s ok! You need to know what’s constructive and what’s a puny hate comment. It’s ok if you can’t handle it right now, you’ll learn soon enough (Remember trust in the process people!) and at first it will be hard. Remember that if you can’t handle the shitty parts of something every day. Maybe it’s not the right thing for you. Just because it’s the negative aspect of blogging, you shouldn’t accept it as wrong either, I feel that any negativity should be considered if it helps you or not. If it does, keep it in mind. If it doesn’t drop it like it’s not.

6. Start getting into blog culture!

What’s the best way to love your craft? Go out and experience other people doing it too! It’s kind of a no brainer if you like painting, you go to museums. You like gymnastics? You watch the olympics. You like blogging? You go read other people’s blogs. It’s great! And you’ll get a sense for the immediate surrounding blogging community and start to get a feel for your new “coworkers” (It sounded cringe to type too)

And of course always remember “anyone anywhere is still a person no matter how fair.”(I’m pretty sure my grandma said that to me once, excuse the racism.) But you get the message, be kind, these are all people no matter how awesome or unawesome their blog is, these are people, that you are not above or below.


I think the most important think about blogging is to just have fun! Go out there and do your thing! If nothing else from this post, Nothing beats procrastination like not thinking about it and just doing it. -Lola 2k17

So take your hate as a positive thing. The negatives can only  show you the way to the positives in life.

I hope you can see where I’m coming from and take it with a grain of salt (Because I have little to no experience blogging)


Xox Lola xoX

P.S. (Unsponsored) If you’d like to know more about choosing careers and life situations in which the shitty stuff sounds good to you, I’d suggest this book: “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” by Mark Manson (It’s a classic, and i’m not much into books, I’ll let you in on a secret I listened to the podcast, also not sponsored, but recommend it!)


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