Update: People Read My Blog?! Why I’m translating! A hoy: ?Vos lees mi blog? Porque estoy translado!

So, I was checking my stats, you know, being a such a big shot blogger now , I have viewers all over the world checking in to see my horrid rambling! (Really just South America)And I thank you kindly for that.

!Gracias muchísimas! Hablo un pocillo de español pero disculpe me sí no puedes intender nada!(También no tengo las letras puestas en español) Y entonces porque estoy practicando y buscando a muchas cosas para practicar mi español voy a intendar a translar todos mis repuestos en español debajo de mis paginas! (Porfavor si queires correjir me no te vacilas)

For all my english readers who just freaked out. I’ll be trying to translate all my blogs to the best of my abilities in spanish at the end of each one, so everyone can get their true and true translation.

Next point I wanted to hit was, I keep saying  “let me know in the comments below” but I really don’t think you can comment on blog posts so, if you’d like to contact my my email is in my about page.  I’m also feeling super productive because I may or may not be figuring out how to time my posts to be released, and also word press has it’s own cool time zone that loves to make my life just that much harder, so expect strange post times in the next coming weeks.

Lots of love,


Xox Lola xoX

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