How to Watch others Thrive

I just got back from watching my best friends start to live her dreams in the spotlight and performing her passions. This use to hurt me, being an unstable bean that always needed to feel like she was doing something with her life, when in reality I just didn’t know what I was doing. Like most of us. And i’m sure the most successful people to you feel the same way about their “lack” of accomplishments too.

The key to watching other people live their happiness, is to not take it as a negative to you, to never think that this won’t happen to you, to never take it in that you are not worthy of this. Because everyone’s journey is completely different.

I honestly don’t understand how I could have been envious in the past because this is someone I love living their best life! And I take it as a wake up call to go do the same in my own way. Never feel that success won’t hit you, it could be just around the bend, waiting for you to get your head out of your ass a take it.

Take other successes as your initiative to work harder, to push harder, to run that extra mile, to showcase an extra point. If you let other people’s success weigh you down, you’ll never reach your true potential. So stop moping! You’ve got a life to live!



Xox Lola xoX


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