Everything is caving in and i’m totally fine. Here’s why.

I just signed up for a musical, college classes, guitar lessons, and behind in two of my classes.

And I’m ok!

Seems like I wouldn’t be a year ago, and I attribute this to the MANY study blogs, and study youtube videos

And mainly,

to the fact that I will fake it until I become the absolute master of it.

I am not stressed.

I feel when you put so much on your plate you start to organize everything around you just as much so that you can chill out and not go insane.

This is why Beyonce is Beyonce in the same 24 hours as you are you.

(Most inspiring thing i’ve ever heard, think it was from a daily minimalism podcast highly reccomend)

I honestly hope that if you have too much on your plate you understand why, you weed out what you don’t want to be stressing about, and learn to live the unexamined life. (Wicked, because i’m a basic thespian)

The one thing I take away from minimalism, if anything, is that if you don’t want it, chuck it, if you don’t need it, throw it, if it’s just there to look nice and hasn’t has necessity or want in FOREVER. Throw that shit out.

I hope you all can weed out the bad habits, the stupid shit, and the unecessary this week.


Xox Lola xoX



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