Pondering Lessons

Do you ever browse through your computers notifications to find nothing, and discover everything?

Moments before I dove into three hours of intense Buddhism study in Kahn Academy I was merely reading my emails.

I know for a fact that a lot of people would not do the same. It seems a shame that people from intense school curriculums don’t have this curiosity of simply learning because you want to, and not having an aneurysm at the thought of a new concept or memorizing something.

I feel schools have put a stigma on learning.

Life is learning.

They’ve put a stigma on the thought processes of millions of people, supposedly closing mindsĀ of at the thought of needing to study something of no particular interest.

I feel many of my out of school hobbies are centered around trying to not be this stereo type of learning, they try to recreate their teachings into “not learning” environments where we just have fun and listen to robots giving lectures. Because really who doesn’t want to be degraded by a Robot while taking drivers ed?

What I really mean is, companies already know about school stigma towards learning, this is not just a “C’mon lola you don’t have proof” sort of ordeal here.

This is why homeschooling, I feel, was such an important learning experience for me. It taught me unimaginable lessons, and lessons I admit to wanting to learn.

I just hope and wish for everyone out there to be as open minded to the wierdest shit, so that you could one day dive into learning something impactful and meaningful to your life.

Endure to explore, because you never know what you’ll learn along the way.


Xox Lola xoX

P.S. Regular sarcastic advice will resume tomorrow.

P.P.S. If you’d like some pasta with the cheese I just presented let me know.

P.P.P.S. I’m not sorry.


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