Routine: The tale of a night owl.

Today is Monday for me, its quite early, and in the spirit of productivity I’m sharing with you today how on earth to get up early. When quite frankly I have no clue.

Getting up early for me has been a struggle since the dawn of my existence, or so I thought.

Apparently I use to wake my parents up at six every morning until I was about five and school happened. (Cue the homeschool community adding another pro to their list)

I honestly think that school ruined my sleep, however I was also a huge benefactor in this debacle.

Getting into the habit of staying up until at-least three in the morning, for the sudden love of video games as a child was something inarguably my fault.

As the new age of video games started, help on how to end it didn’t ensue quickly enough. I found it becoming an addiction that I couldn’t control and after five years I finally went sober mainly from boredom and the fact that I had other responsibilities and hobbies way cooler than Zelda.

I then tried to get my life on track as a fifteen year old go getter, I went back to school after a failed five years of homeschooling. (Not entirely wasted I got right back on track)

Being as the american school system trains you to believe getting up at 6:30 everyday was ok for your mental health, I quickly became accustomed to it.

HOWEVER, getting up at this time on my own has never been accomplished and productivity ensued, besides this fateful morning as sun streams in like a sauna to my room as we speak.

So I invite you to try your best to stop thinking about getting up, and just living your life to the fullest. I truly believe you need a motivation behind everything, solid and concrete. Mine for the day is to be a happy bean and write a blog that makes me even happier.

So go,

live your own routine, and write your own cheesy outro’s to blogs no one will ever see.


Xox Lola xoX


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