Reflections of an Amateur Blogger

Its now been a couple of weeks since I started this account and have reached over seven countries! Seven! I thank each and every one of you.
However as I start discovering more blogs and more aesthetically pleasing content I’m starting to hit a road block.

My content simply isn’t that appealing to look at, I know, I’ve been trying to organize it, but it just ends up uncategorized and simply a mess.

I want my page to be as easy as it is to skip over as it is to find all of my content but theres something inside me that simply doesn’t want me to.

Something is stemming from my intense need to not have anyone discover my page, that I have absolutely no desire to put effort into making it look nice, because this blog is simply not for the masses.

Maybe I’ll care more when I care more about my content.

However my content is loose and was set out with the goal of no intentions to be something worth reading ten years from now.

So in hopes of creating content over quality (Maybe not the best motto for success) please don’t expect to see anything organized for atleast a couple of months.

And if you stick around.

I thank you,

Xox Lola xoX


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