2017 School Year Wisdom.

The school year is over, my breath can resume it’s momentous use as an actual oxygen converter juxtaposing this years stress indicator.

As I sit away from school at my computer typing I’m skipping class where nothing is being done and I am finally relieved.

This year has been one of the most evolved time in my life,

learning by the minute how to carry myself to the next

I figured I could impart my wisdom through my cheesy poetry to the next.


Stay humble when you know your time will come, don’t fret second measured when frets are yet to come.


Stay above the rumble beneath you, tides are strong but keep your feet planted underneath you. Know in the grand scheme of things if anything is worth aching yet, look down from around you not from within, if your stuck at a wall, walk around it and stand tall.


Stop complaining, it doesn’t help with this worlds aching it doesn’t stop to hear your worries you’re not the only one aching.


Forget about yourself enough to love others.

Spend the time you need for yourself to help others, take days off if you’re a mess, take your pants off if you can’t get dressed. Stop the burdens without the bliss. Your life is much more than this.



Xox Lola xoX





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