Roots to Rivalry: A teens tale going zero waste, and other nightmares.

The sand paper that my hands had now become fell to my sides as I realized that the half hour of washing glass containers was to waste.

My motivation to start buying bulk a phew fateful days ago was rather strange being that I had always intended to but never got around to. My spark of inspiration came from my new favorite trash less youtuber and blogger: Trash is for Tossers.

I have another blog post altogether about the simplicity of my new favorite toothpaste but back to the story at hand.

My rather strange story began when I was trying to convince my mother to buy from an extremely expensive food store in order to save of trash. Now. This is not the first time I have gone to my mother in plea for our entire house hold to become something. My obsession began after I watched chemirical and tried to get the entire house to get rid of all our toxins and make all of our shampoo and soap by hand (which actually came to avail when my mother made detergent from scratch with my grandma) HOWever, I never followed through and actually helped in the whole process for after a week I would loose hope and was off to my next endeavor.

This time was different tho, (I know try to stay along), I washed seven glass jars we had been saving for years, soaked, peeled, and striped the labels down and then eventually use four, so that I could eat trash free for a week.

Plan changed the second I walked into Roots (A forty minute drive from my house that we only had the chance to go to because we had errands and I remembered from sheer luck), I soon realized that my videos from Trash for Tossers were flawed, there were actual repercussions to the people around me apparently. And my mother, kindly asking the register guy, got a “In ten years time she’ll realize that none of this matters” quoted from one of the many employees to whom I will keep anonymous. I was devastated when my mother told me that we couldn’t use the jars because it was simply unethical and would “annoy”, “bother”, and make the other people in line “angry” if I were to have to subtract 0.75 ounces from each purchase. I am coming to you after three days to cool down after the debacle because I was simply furious.Which in hindsight seems legitamate, but at the time was an attack on my environmental pursuit to change the world.

Never the less I continued my pursuit now using the plastic bags given and although the selection seemingly newly downsized I stocked up on cereal, chocolate and peanut butter. Which also contained a plastic container.

Overall my experience buying at Roots to go zero-waste was a flop, next time will be different, being that I’m going to be labeling the quantity of each glass jar so I don’t have to deal with ignorant store clerks.

I invite you to go try making a difference in your shopping habits and environmentally friendly habits today.


Xox Lola xoX



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